8 Places to Sleep In Boston Airport as Pods Alternatives (2024)

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Boston Airport Sleeping Pods: So what will I miss if there are not sleep pods at Boston Airport? Sleep Options at Logan Airport without Sleep Pods or Suites: Sleep on the Floor: Sleep on the Benches: Sleep on the Rest Zones: Can you stay overnight at Boston logan airport? Challenges sleeping at Boston Airport: Benefits of Sleep Pods that Logan Fliers Miss: Possible Drawbacks with Sleep Pods: Sleep Pods Alternatives: Hotels inside Logan Airport: Other Hotels Near Logal with Free Shuttles: 8 Best Places to Sleep in Boston Airport: Rocking Chairs Area near Gate B38 in Terminal B Children’s Play Area (After Security) in Terminal B Long Hallway Between Terminal B Check-In and Next Terminal, Landside, Second Floor: Terminal A Bridge, 3rd Floor Curved Benches at Gate B6, in Terminal B 3rd Floor of Terminal E (near the so-called “art exhibit”) Terminal C Baggage Claim: Terminal B and E (for overnight layovers) Reviews of Logan’s Sleep Quality: Pros: Cons: Preparing for Sleep in Logan Airport: Noise: Lights: Temperature: Prepare for unexpected: Is Yotel Sleep Pod in Boston Airport? Location Style and Character Service and Facilities Rooms Food and Drink Value for Money Accessibility and Family Friendliness Places to Avoid Sleeping in Logan: How about sleep in the rocking chairs? Logan Airport ZZZ/Sleep Score(66/100) Sleep Accommodations (26/37.5 Points) Seating and Space Availability (6/10 Points) Ambient Environment for Sleep (8/15 Points) Operating Hours and Accessibility (12/15 Points) Amenities (15/22.5 Points) Remark on Logan’s Sleep Score:

If you are flying through Boston’s Logan Airport, it is far more comfortable and have a chance to find a place to rest. In this guide, I have provided sleep and nap options at Logan’s 4 terminals that are open 24 hours. I have also provided a guide on sleeping pods at Logan Airport.

What is a sleeping pod?

A sleeping pod is a private and comfortable space for travelers to rest, sleep or simply relax. It offers a comfortable bed with pillows, blankets, and curtains for privacy. Gosleep and Minute Suites are two of the leading companies that offer sleeping pods at airports across the country. A few airports have installed sleeping pods such as JFK but several including Newark Airport have yet to install them.

Can I sleep at Logan Airport?

Although Boston Airport is open 24 hours, the Security checkpoints for each terminal close at night. No overnight sleep is allowed on the airside post-security. If you need to stay at the airport overnight, you must remain in the pre-security public area. If you are already inside the secure areas, you will be asked to leave and spend the rest of the night in the public area until the security checkpoints reopen at around 4:00 AM as per this post.

Table of contents

Boston Airport Sleeping Pods:

Boston’s Logan Airport has not installed innovative sleep pod facilities at any of its terminals. While Minute Suites and Gosleep pods, the two leading pay-per-sleep service providers have been expanding across US Airports, they do not have any presence at Logan Airport.

There are reports from 2016 of a startup called SleepBox that was reported to be gearing up to launch sleep pods in Logan’s Terminals but they did not end up installing them. Even Yotel which has expanded to Boston isn’t located at Logan and unfortunately as of April 2024, there are no sleeping pods at any of Boston’s 4 Terminals that you can rent. You can however opt to sleep on comfortable benches on Terminals A, C, and E.

So what will I miss if there are not sleep pods at Boston Airport?

Not having sleeping pods means that travelers will miss out on a comfortable, private and secure place to sleep. Some of the added benefits of using sleeping pods are adjustable bed recliners, access to power outlets, reading material and even television sets in some cases.

Sleep Options at Logan Airport without Sleep Pods or Suites:

Sleep on the Floor:

  • On the 3rd Floor at Terminal A as you head to the Hilton hotel you can nap on the tile floor, which may be uncomfortable but I’ve seen people do it. Its spacious and may be less crowded during off-peak hours.

Sleep on the Benches:

  • There are benches without armrests in the baggage claim area of Terminal C. Similarly, in Terminal E, you can find some armrest-free benches, especially at the far end near the 9/11 banners.

Sleep on the Rest Zones:

In 2001, Boston Airport installed rocking chairs in the terminals. The announcement about this was made here. As per the Media release then, they installed 35 rocking chairs to make travel less stressful for its 3.4 million monthly passengers. 8 Places to Sleep In Boston Airport as Pods Alternatives (1)

While the Biden administration has moved to tame airlines known for frequent delays and cancellations, Boston Airport was among the first to institute Guaranteed Passenger Standard Policy. It has a mothers’ nursing room, cot spaces, kids’ sensory rooms, among other amenities listed on this PDF that make layovers in this airport bearable. It’s still unfortunate that there are no sleeping pods at any of the terminals.

Can you stay overnight at Boston logan airport?

Yes, you can stay overnight at Boston’s Logan Airport but you’ll need to be outside the airside/pre-security area in the public space. The Mass Department of Transportation has made it very bearable to stay overnight at this hospital. They have installed chairs or can sleep on the floor (on Terminal A area) if you have a sleeping bag.

Challenges sleeping at Boston Airport:

The pre-security area of the airport is mostly well-lit throughout the night. Airport announcements play frequently and continuously in the evening, making noise a big issue. The cleaning crew comes early in the morning and can also be noisy. Furthermore, the cold weather at night can be a health concern if sleeping on the floor, potentially leading to pneumonia.

I highly advice travelers to have a backup plan in case of unexpected delays. You can always opt to stay at a nearby hotel or look for other options near the airport, such as Airbnb stays.

Benefits of Sleep Pods that Logan Fliers Miss:

With the absence of innovative compact nap pods, below are some benefits of these pods that fliers through Logan miss;

  1. Privacy for relaxation or work.
  2. Ergonomic sleeping arrangements.
  3. Direct access to terminal amenities.
  4. Ability to rest securely without leaving the airport.
  5. Reduced need for hotel accommodations.
  6. Personal entertainment and connectivity.
  7. Adjustable climate controls.
  8. Noise-reduction features for improved sleep quality.
  9. Flexible pricing with per-hour pricing structure

Possible Drawbacks with Sleep Pods:

  1. Limited space and comfort.
  2. Costs may be prohibitive for budget travelers.
  3. Possible noise intrusion despite soundproofing tech
  4. No in-pod restroom facilities.
  5. Waits for availability during busy periods.

Sleep Pods Alternatives: Hotels inside Logan Airport:

Two hotels located directly at Boston’s Logan International Airport are the Hilton Boston Logan Airport and the Hyatt Regency Harborside.

The Hilton Boston Logan Airport has guest rooms that are well-decorated and are directly connected to Boston Logan’s terminals via an enclosed sky bridge. Additionally, they offer complimentary shuttle service 24/7 to all airline terminals, the subway station, water taxi, and the Rental Car Center (RCC).

The Hyatt Regency Harborside is located only 0.9 miles to the airport grounds. The Hyatt Regency Boston Harbor offers a free shuttle service that has limited availability for transportation to and from major airline terminals at Boston Logan International Airport, as well as the MBTA (subway) stop on the Blue Line.

Other Hotels Near Logal with Free Shuttles:

  • Courtyard by Marriott Boston Logan Airport provides comfortable, modern rooms and amenities tailored for business and leisure travelers, with easy access to the airport. Check rates.
  • Embassy Suites by Hilton Boston at Logan Airport is only 1.2 miles from Logan and offers both free shuttle and free breakfast. It is ideal for families and longer stays. Check rates.
  • Hilton Garden Inn Boston Logan Airport is 1.8 miles away from Logan. It provides free shuttle and features contemporary rooms and dining options, catering to guests looking for convenience and quality. Check rates.
  • TownePlace Suites Boston Logan Airport/Chelsea is only 1.8 miles away from Logan and provides free breakfast(buffett)and free shuttle. It is great for extended-stay accommodations with home-like amenities, suited for travelers needing longer or more residential-style lodging. Check rates.

Homewood Suites by Hilton Boston Seaport District is one of the highest-rated hotels(4/5) near Logan located just 1.8 miles. Most options above have 4/5 rating. Homewood offers free buffett breakfast but does not offer shuttle services to Logan. If still interested, check rates here.

8 Best Places to Sleep in Boston Airport:

Based on hundreds of flier reviews I analyzed, below are the recommended best spots to sleep in Boston’s Logan Airport:

Rocking Chairs Area near Gate B38 in Terminal B

  • Pros: Quiet area designed for overnight sleepers, dimmed lights, presence of power outlets in the adjacent corridor.
  • Cons: Rocking chairs might be uncomfortable for long periods; floor can be cold.

Children’s Play Area (After Security) in Terminal B

  • Pros: Features a carpeted floor and cushioned seats, less noisy.
  • Cons: Potentially only suitable if in transit.

Long Hallway Between Terminal B Check-In and Next Terminal, Landside, Second Floor:

  • Pros: Warmer than baggage claim, padded four-chair benches (middle armrests folds up), fewer people.
  • Cons: Extremely loud music played overnight.

Terminal A Bridge, 3rd Floor

  • Location: Walkway between Terminals A & E, past the Hilton entrance.
  • Pros: Quietest place landside, long benches without armrests or audio announcements, not as cold as other areas.
  • Cons: Technically located in the parking structure but still enclosed.

Curved Benches at Gate B6, in Terminal B

  • Pros: Have benches with no armrests – Opportunity to lie flat for sleep
  • Cons: Benches are curved, which might affect comfort.

3rd Floor of Terminal E (near the so-called “art exhibit”)

  • Look for: A white metal bench with ventilation holes
  • Pros: Quiet and secluded, minimal foot traffic at night, you can lift the metal bench and strap your luggage secure it from being stolen when asleep.
  • Cons: Subject to lights and noise(announcements and zamboni cleaning machine)

Terminal C Baggage Claim:

  • Location: Just before parking garage
  • Pros: Armrest-free chairs, has outlets, quiet at night
  • Cons: Bright lighting, cold, loud

Terminal B and E (for overnight layovers)

  • Pros: Quiet for a while, free to stay by security.
  • Cons: Cold, floor sleeping only, limited access to outlets.

Reviews of Logan’s Sleep Quality:


  • Some sections of the airport, like the area near gate B38 and certain terminals, offer relatively quiet places for overnight sleepers with amenities like rocking chairs and padded benches without armrests.
  • Certain areas within the airport are warmer compared to others, providing a more comfortable environment.
  • Electrical outlets are available in some sections, making it convenient for travelers to charge their devices.
  • The presence of free WiFi across the airport offers connectivity for passengers waiting for their flights.
  • Dunkin’ Donuts and Hudson News outlets open late or 24 hours in some terminals, providing access to food and essentials outside regular hours.


  • Several areas within the airport experience extremely loud music or announcements overnight, detracting from the overall comfort of those attempting to rest or sleep.
  • The airport has a significant rodent problem, with rats being spotted in some terminals, posing hygiene issues and discomfort for passengers.
  • Some sections of the airport, particularly near baggage claim areas and open benches, are cold, making it uncomfortable for passengers, especially those spending the night.
  • The cleanliness of the airport is a concern, with instances of unattended messes and overall dirtiness reported in some terminals.
  • Seating arrangements in many parts of the airport include armrests that prevent passengers from lying down comfortably, limiting resting options.
  • The airport has been critiqued for poor signage, making navigation difficult for passengers, and in some cases, leading to missed or nearly missed flights due to unclear directions to gates or facilities.
  • Customer service and staff responsiveness are areas of improvement, with several complaints about the lack of help or unfriendly attitudes from airport personnel.

Preparing for Sleep in Logan Airport:

For a good rest, come prepared expecting varying conditions that might affect your sleep quality at Logan.


Noise levels can significantly vary, from the bustling activity and loud music in certain terminals to the more subdued but still noticeable sounds of cleaning crews and machinery, such as escalators, near designated sleeping zones. Investing in a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones or bringing along earplugs can be a game-changer for silencing the surrounding clamor.


Lighting within the airport can also disrupt sleep, especially for those sensitive to sleeping in well-lit environments. Many areas remain brightly illuminated throughout the night at Logan, making eye masks an essential item to pack to ensure darkness and promote better sleep.


Many reviews indicate that the airport’s terminals are generally colder and not ideal for sleep if wearing light clothing. Bringing extra layers of clothing or even a travel mattress can offer insulation against the cold floor, significantly enhancing comfort levels.

Prepare for unexpected:

Awareness of less desirable conditions, such as the presence of mice in certain areas or encounters with indifferent or unfriendly staff, can also prepare you mentally for what might lie ahead.

To optimize your chances of a good rest, scouting out quieter, more secluded spots within the airport is recommended. Equipping yourself with earplugs, an eye mask, warm clothing, and potentially a travel mat or blanket can greatly improve your sleeping experience in these public spaces.

Check out our Guide on Airport Sleep Essentials.

Is Yotel Sleep Pod in Boston Airport?

Yotel Boston is not located at Boston Airport; it’s situated in the Seaport District of South Boston. Yotel does offer innovative sleep pod solutions, including sleep pods in other airports such as Changi, Miami, San Fransisco, Washington DC, and Heathrow, but the Boston facility operates as a traditional hotel with tech-savvy features and compact, efficiently designed rooms.

YotelAir in Boston is located about 6 miles away from Logan and takes about 19 minutes to get there with a bus which will cost you about $5 or $15 to $20 using a taxi(according to this website).

I understand there are a lot of fliers who like the innovative compact design of YotelAir inspired by Japanese style. If you’d still like to book YotelAir in Boston, you’ll need to leave the airport and take a bus or taxi ride. I have provided helpful info below;


  • Neighborhood: Located on Seaport Boulevard in the South Boston Waterfront, known as the Seaport District, surrounded by vibrant bars, restaurants, and entertainment options.
  • Proximity: Near the Harborwalk, the Institute of Contemporary Arts, luxury cinema, high-end bowling alley, and trendy offices and restaurants in Fort Point. Adjacent to Court House MBTA station.
  • Getting here: To reach Yotel Boston in the Seaport District from Boston Logan Airport, routes that connect to the MBTA Blue Line are your best option. Both Routes 22 and 33 head towards the MBTA Airport Station on the Blue Line, which can then take you closer to the Seaport District. Once at the Blue Line’s Airport Station, you’d transfer to a subway that can take you towards the South Boston Waterfront area where Yotel is located.
8 Places to Sleep In Boston Airport as Pods Alternatives (2)

Style and Character

  • Design: Features a bright, breezy Mod design with a white-on-white palette, open-plan lobby lounge, and walls of windows opening to street life, despite an unremarkable exterior.

Service and Facilities

  • Amenities: Self-check-in terminals and a 24/7 front desk known as Mission Control. Includes a 24-hour fitness center and a Club Lounge with ample charging points.
  • Facilities: Bar, fitness center, laundry, parking, restaurant, and Wi-Fi available.


  • Design: Inspired by first-class air travel, the compact “cabins” feature an all-white palette, adjustable beds, charging points, and a wall-mounted television. Bathrooms have glass-walled showers, separate toilet, and vanity areas.
  • Special Notes: Designed more for functionality (sleep, shower, go) than extended stays.

Food and Drink

  • Dining: Available all day in the lobby Club Lounge, including a bar with street views. The 12th-floor Sky Lounge offers after-work drinks and small bites with skyline views.
  • Breakfast: Curated à la carte breakfast, including a popular Mediterranean egg skillet, pastries, coffee or tea, and juice at a set price.

Value for Money

  • Pricing: Double rooms start at $149 in low season and $219 in high. Breakfast costs $16.

Accessibility and Family Friendliness

  • Accessibility: Access and adapted rooms for guests with disabilities.
  • Family-Friendly: Interconnecting rooms and some with a bunk bed above the main bed.

Places to Avoid Sleeping in Logan:

Based several flier reviews of Boston Logan Airport, it’s advisable to avoid sleeping in Terminal B due to loud music and a reported mice infestation.

Terminal E also has reports of rats and lacks comfort, cleanliness, and warmth.

The USO lounge’s unpredictable hours can be inconvenient, and the general coldness, along with poor conditions like dirty floors and lack of comfortable seating across various terminals, makes finding a good spot challenging. For a better experience, consider alternatives like sleeping pods or nearby hotels.

How about sleep in the rocking chairs?

Among the myriad of options for resting at Boston Logan Airport, the rocking chairs positioned between terminals B and C stand out as a favored choice for travelers seeking a spot for overnight sleep.

These chairs, found in a corridor and a larger room near Gate B38, offer a somewhat comforting alternative to the hard, armrest-equipped benches that many find uncomfortable and impractical for restful sleep.

Despite the potential for a sore back due to the rocking chairs’ design, their location in a dimly lit room provides a quieter, more serene environment, conducive to sleeping.

For an optimal sleeping experience in this area, it’s advisable to bring along a small mattress, as the floor can be cold, and accessories such as a pillow, earbuds, and eye masks to enhance comfort and block out any disturbances.

Additionally, the area designed for children, equipped with carpeted floors and cushioned seats, presents itself as an excellent option for those in transit seeking a cozy nook to rest.

Logan Airport ZZZ/Sleep Score(66/100)

Sleep Accommodations (26/37.5 Points)

  • Innovative Sleep Technology (Pods/Suites): 0/8 points since Logan has not installed innovative sleep pods facilities such as pods, suites, or capsule hotels.
  • In-Airport Hotel: 7/7 points as Hilton Boston Logan Airport is connected to Logan’s via a climate-controlled skybridge.
  • Hotels with Free Shuttle Service: 5/5, there are more than 10 hotels within 3-mile radius of Logan offering free shuttle, free breakfast and even free parking. Check out these Boston Airport Hotels with Free Shuttle Services.
  • Designated Rest Zones: 4/5 points for the presence of a big room with rocking chairs designated for sleep(not reclining chairs and not very comfortable for sleep).
  • At Least One Identified Sleeping Spot in Each Terminal: 3.5/5 points since there’s mention of at least one identified sleeping spot, albeit limited information on its distribution across terminals.
  • Ease of Access to Free Sleeping Spots: 4/5 points given that these rocking chairs are accessible to travelers at no extra cost but are few and not well padded.
  • Access to Day-rooms in Airport Hotels or by Nearby Hotels: 2.5/2.5, number of hotels offer day-use rooms including YotelAir.

Seating and Space Availability (6/10 Points)

  • Armrest-Free Chairs: 4/5 points for the availability of chairs without armrests that allow for rest but there are few of them
  • Availability of Seating Spaces: 2/5 points since there appears to be a sufficient number of seating options, including rocking chairs and benches, even though it’s noted that the benches might not be ideal for sleeping. One flier noted in his reviews that seating spaces were very few in Terminal A near Gate A22.

Ambient Environment for Sleep (8/15 Points)

  • Lighting: 5/8 points for the dimmed lighting in the big room with rocking chairs, supporting the sleep environment but some areas are lit brightly throughout the night
  • Sound Level at Night: 3 points are granted here instead of 7 because, while the big room is quiet, the escalator noise near the chapel area can be disruptive. Most other areas are also super loud with announcements and cleaning crew activities such as vacuuming.

Operating Hours and Accessibility (12/15 Points)

  • 24/7 Operation: 4/5 points because many reviews reflect experiences indicating Boston Airport’s operation and openness to overnight stays, with varying degrees of comfort and facilities available.
  • Ease of Overnight Stay: 3/5 points, the review implies that staying overnight is feasible, albeit with some discomfort.
  • Wheelchair Access: 5/5

Amenities (15/22.5 Points)

  • Cleanliness: 1.5/3 points for presence of vermin such as rats and mice which present a serious concern for both hygiene and comfort, painting a less secure environment in terms of health. There are no negative comments on the cleanliness of the sleep areas or washroom facilities.
  • Security: 3 points for security presence. The reports of being approached and moved by security demonstrate an enforced policy against loitering, suggesting a level of safety but also strictness that might inconvenience passengers needing rest.
  • Wi-Fi and Charging Stations: 3 points for mentioning more power outlets available in the corridors and most waiting areas, implying good access to charging facilities.
  • Food and Beverage: 1.5/3 points. The reference to Dunkin’ Donuts being open “ridiculously late” hints at the possibility of finding coffee and basic food items during most hours. 24/7 food and beverage options are limited.
  • Shower Amenities: 1.5/2.5 points as Logan does not provide public shower amenities. Awarded points for lounges available that provide showers with a day pass. You can pay $79(at the door) for a day pass to access the American Airlines Admirals Club or $59(at the door) for a day pass at the Club Lounge. Admirals is located in Terminal B, Airside, Upper Level, Gates B4 and United Club is in Terminal B, Airside, Level 3, near Gate 24
  • Pay-Per-Use Lounge: 2/2.5 Admirals Club and United Club can be accessed with a day pass purchase.
  • Luggage Storage Facilities: 1/2.5 points as Logan has phased out storage locker facilities. You can, however, use private storage facilities close to the airport such as Bounce.
  • Access to Smoking Areas: 1.5/2.5 points as there are no designated smoking areas inside the terminals and have to get out of the terminals pre-security to smoke. Check out smoke areas at Boston Airport

Remark on Logan’s Sleep Score:

Boston Logan Airport’s ZZZ/Sleep Score of 66 out of 100 reveals a blend of strengths and areas for improvement.

High marks for its in-airport hotel and shuttle services show strong infrastructure support for travelers needing rest. However, the absence of innovative sleep technology like pods limits options for quick and private rest.

The availability of some armrest-free seating and designated rest zones indicates effort towards comfort, but room for enhancement remains, especially in more seating spaces, creating a quiet nighttime environment with dim lighting, and having more comfortable sleep spots across terminals.

Ambient factors like lighting and noise vary, with some areas conducive to sleep and others not.

The airport’s 24/7 operation benefits stranded travelers, yet ease of overnight stays could be improved. Overall, Logan provides a foundation for traveler rest with opportunities for further development in sleep accommodations and ambient comfort.

If you have a long layover in Boston, consider these 13 fun things to do in Boston.

8 Places to Sleep In Boston Airport as Pods Alternatives (3)

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8 Places to Sleep In Boston Airport as Pods Alternatives (2024)
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