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Galactic Paragons is the 7th major expansion for Stellaris. It was announced on 2023-04-25[1] and was released on 2023-05-09 alongside patch 3.8.


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DLC features[edit | edit source]

The galactic council is vast and full of personality! Add Galactic Paragons to your empires and experience a new level of character and story as great leaders rise to positions of power and follow your lead to the stars. With exclusive additions to the all-new Council mechanic, leaders who you can shape to amplify the vision for your empire, new civics, and much more, Galactic Paragons will shape the future in ways the galaxy has never seen before.

Galactic Paragons - Stellaris Wiki (5) New Council Mechanics
  • Assign leaders to vital positions and set agendas to steer your empire as you see fit. In Galactic Paragons, find dozens of unique council roles based on your civics and government types, and unlock additional positions as your empire evolves!
Galactic Paragons - Stellaris Wiki (6) New Dynamic Leaders
  • Recruit, improve, and follow the leaders of your empire through the ages! You may shape them by picking their traits, selecting their veteran class, and guide them towards their destiny, up until they retire - or perish!
Galactic Paragons - Stellaris Wiki (7) Meet Galactic Heroes
  • Attract paragons of renown to your council: unique leaders with their own art, events, and stories may join your empire and bring their own benefits to your government. Or, discover four Legendary Paragons with intricate event chains and unique mechanics!
Galactic Paragons - Stellaris Wiki (8) New Traditions, Civics, and More
  • A new “Under One Rule” Origin that tells the tale of the leader who founded your empire
  • Eight new Civics focused on leadership, from immortalizing the personalities of leaders past in digital archives to heavily optimized council selection via corporate charter
  • 12 new Veteran Classes
  • Hundreds of new Leader Traits
  • Two new Tradition Trees, giving players new edicts and improved leaders
  • New ships, art, and story content

Videos[edit | edit source]

Cinematic trailers[edit | edit source]

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Video diaries[edit | edit source]

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Dev diaries[edit | edit source]

Main article: Developer diaries

All developer diaries about the Galactic Paragons expansion, patch 3.8 (aka Gemini), and patch 3.9 (aka Caelum).

Patch 3.9 (Caelum)
No.Title and LinkDescriptionDate
1Habitat ExperimentsSome summer experiments relating to the Habitat system2023-07-27
2Leader ExperimentsStellaris Summer Experiments with a focus on class-based leader limits2023-08-03
3Rock On! (Also an Announcement Regarding Species Pack Pricing)Custodian changes coming to 3.9 on Lithoid species as well as species packs planned updates and changes in pricing2023-08-10
4OK, BloomerImprovements to the Environmentalists civic; new trait, new origin, and new portrait of Plantoid species; changes to enclave leaders; UI modding changes; interim leader XP updates2023-08-17
5Matters of Life and DeathThe Humanoids and Necroids species packs get new contents: a Tradition Tree, Ascension Perk, Traits, and Portraits; Trade gets a rebalance; A new socialist MegaCorp civic; Simplified Automation; More Habitat rework information; Now available 3.9 Open Beta2023-08-24
6Chiseling AwayFirst update to 3.9 open beta, and Steam Strategy Fest2023-08-31
73.9 'Caelum' Patch Notes, and Ask Us Anything!3.9 patch notes2023-09-06
83.9 'Caelum' is Out, What’s Next?Plans about patches 3.9.2 and 3.9.32023-09-14
9Pi in the Sky IdeasWhat Custodians have contributed to Stellaris as well as what they're planning for the future2023-09-21
10The Velvet Glove3.9.2 patch notes, plans about Diplomacy & Trust, and some preliminary changes coming in 3.9.32023-09-28
Patch 3.8 (Gemini)
No.Title and LinkDescriptionDate
1Introducing CoopTwo cooperative gameplay modes2023-04-06
23.8 'Gemini' Coop Open Beta Release NotesAnnouncement and preliminary patch notes for 3.8 open beta2023-04-13
3Armies, Sectors, Messages, and MoreOverview of changes to army building, orbital bombardment, and fleet manager; introduction of new science ship automation options, new capital designations, sector editor, side menu reordering, and new toast notifications and message settings2023-04-20
4Announcing Galactic ParagonsAnnouncement of Galactic Paragons expansion2023-04-25
5Leaders, The Council, and AgendasOverview of the council, council agendas, and changes to leaders, with new traits and veteran classes2023-04-27
6Renowned and Legendary ParagonsOverview of the two paragon types – unique, scripted leaders, each with special content2023-05-02
7Civics, Origins, and TraditionsOverview of new civics, origin, and traditions coming in Galactic Paragons2023-05-04
8Happy Anniversary! 3.8 "Gemini" and Galactic Paragons Release NotesPatch notes for 3.8 and Galactic Paragons, review of the last year of Stellaris2023-05-09
9Galactic Paragons is out, what's next?Preview of next 3.8.X patch2023-05-16
10Leaders and 3.8.3 Balance Changes3.8.3 patch notes; changes to leaders, level caps, and balance​; prioritization of bugs and balance; script improvements for councilors; a solution to the Out of Syncs issue2023-05-25
11 Stellaris with a Twist Community Event!Changes to ground combat in 3.8.4; 'Stellaris with a Twist' event to celebrate the 7th anniversary2023-06-01
123.8.4 Released, What's Next?3.8.4 patch notes, some future plans, and an upcoming Free to Play weekend2023-06-15
13Midsummer FestivitiesStellaris Free to Play weekend, Stellaris Nexus, a new Starter Pack, and a preview of coming Lithoid attractions2023-06-22

References[edit | edit source]

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