Stellaris - How to Become the Galactic Emperor - Gamer Empire (2024)

“I am the senate.” One of the most memorable lines from Star Wars and one of the most popular memes in the Stellaris community.

When the Galactic Community update got released, people compared it to the Republic from Star Wars. When the Nemesis DLC was released, it allowed players to re-create Senator Palpatine’s creation of a Galactic Empire.

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Putting the Star Wars references aside for a moment. Forming the Galactic Imperium is a great long-term strategy for ensuring end-game victory. It also gives you the strength to unite the galaxy against any threats that may befall it.

To become the galactic emperor in Stellaris, you must first become the custodian and then pass the “Proclaim Galactic Imperium” resolution.

Table of Contents

  • How to Become Galactic Emperor in Stellaris
    • The Galactic Council
    • Become the Custodian
    • Remove Custodian Term Limit
    • Proclaim the Galactic Imperium

How to Become Galactic Emperor in Stellaris

If you set your sights on becoming a galactic emperor, you should know what you are getting yourself in for. For starters, the other empires are not going to roll over and let you take a crown without a fight.

To take that crown, you will have to lie, cheat, bully, and bribe your way to it. One thing is for certain, if your empire is weak, you have no chance of becoming emperor.

Becoming emperor is done in steps and will take a very long time, almost a full game. You will first need to gain a seat on the galactic council.

Then you will have to convince the galaxy to elect you as the custodian of the galactic community. You will then need to pass a law where you become the permanent custodian. Finally, you can then pass a resolution that will form the Galactic Imperium.

On top of those four steps, you need to ensure your empire is at the top of the pecking order.

You need to surpass your opponents in research, science, military strength, and diplomatic weight.

The other empires will not follow you unless you are a bastion of power.

The Galactic Council

When the galactic community is 20 years old, the “Form Galactic Council” resolution becomes available. The AI will strongly support the creation of this council. Unless you have loads of diplomatic weight, you won’t be able to stop it.

Not that you want to stop it anyway, it is the first step to becoming the rightful ruler of the galaxy. The three empires with the most diplomatic weight will receive seats on the council.

You are not likely to gain a seat at this stage, and that’s fine. The council positions get changed every 20 years. The advanced start AI empires usually get the first seats, but they will bend the knee in time, fear not.

Become the Custodian

After around 50-75 in-game years after the council forms, you want to have a seat there and be doing everything you can to enhance your diplomatic weight even further.

Galactic council members have the power to propose special resolutions, and the one we care about is “Nominate Custodian.”

The custodian is essentially the head of the galactic community for a term limit of 30 years. They have special powers to veto community decisions and can propose custodian-unique resolutions. They are emergency powers granted to one empire in times of great galactic need.

Convincing other empires that you should be the galactic custodian won’t be easy without a good reason.

If you have enough diplomatic weight, you may be able to force the proposal through, but that is difficult to achieve. Waiting for an in-game crisis and then trying to push the agenda is a much more reliable way to ensure success.

Once elected, you will now need to use your newfound powers to further cement your place as the head of the galaxy.

Remove Custodian Term Limit

As I mentioned in the previous section, the custodian gains access to some special resolutions. One of these is “Remove Custodian Term Limit.” Passing this reform will make your empire the permanent custodian and your journey is almost complete.

Passing this resolution is the hardest part of becoming emperor. You will need almost need to single-handedly get it through the galactic community. Defeating an end-game crisis and or trading for favors are great ways to bring other empires to your way of thinking.

When you get this law passed, you are all but guaranteed to be able to make yourself the galactic emperor. At this stage, you are quite literally the Senate.

Proclaim the Galactic Imperium

Two things need to be true to propose this resolution.

First is that you must be the custodian with no term limit. Second is that the War in Heaven is not taking place. If so, you are free to propose forming the galactic imperium.

If you have been building your diplomatic weight, suppressing your rivals’ power, have a powerful fleet, and are the top galactic power; this resolution should be easy to pass. You are almost too big to fail, and the galaxy is your prize.

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When passed, all members of the galactic community abandon their federations and join the new imperium.

Your ethics will shift towards Fanatic Authoritarian, government authority will shift to imperial, and your empire will gain the galactic sovereign civic.

Being emperor comes with its perks, and these are:

  • members of the empire cannot attack you
  • +6 monthly influence
  • +40 percent diplomatic weight
  • +1 Envoys
  • Can upgrade planetary capital to Imperial Palace on your capital planet
  • Can propose Imperial Resolutions

Becoming emperor in Stellaris takes a lot of work, and the feeling you get when all that work pays off is amazing.

Declaring yourself emperor is something every Stellaris player should aim for at least once.

That is everything you need to know about how to become the Galactic Emperor in Stellaris.

If you have any questions or suggestions for this guide, please let us know in the comments section below.

Stellaris - How to Become the Galactic Emperor - Gamer Empire (2024)
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